Last modified: 2022/05/31


The goal of this document is to answer questions that new colleagues could encounter in the first month after their arrival. If you find any essential information missing, do not hesitate to make addendum and update the "Last modified" date. If you consider a major revision necessary, please ask first in Slack's #general channel.

For more details, inquire at General > [Policies_Rules](<>) on Google Drive.

Before onboarding

We use Notion as our document management central. A copy of the onboarding checklist will be sent to you via email upon your arrival. You're encouraged to help complete the information since it could make the transition smoother for the next new colleague.

Employee Benefits

Any suggestion for better, more enjoyable employee benefits is welcomed.


With regard to the onboarding process and newcomer's orientation, please refer to Onboarding Template_English


Our typical working week

Our development cycle is usually 2 weeks.

We have a bi-weekly meeting every other Monday morning for product development-related discussions. Aside from Monday, we hold video conferences via Zoom every Wednesday at 16:30 (Taiwan time) for around 30 minutes. We also hold online retrospective meetings every other Friday morning for colleagues to bring up questions and suggestions.

We may have face-to-face gathering events in different places, usually will be held in downtown Taipei. The transportation subsidy will be provided for participating in this kind of company event under the following conditions.